What is Feminine Wisdom? 

It’s that inner spark that exists in all women! When a woman listens to her own voice and accepts all of herself, she is in touch with this spark, this light, this wisdom. And when that happens: Stand back, everyone! No joke.

Why is it so important for women to share wisdom? 

Because this planet needs it big-time. We are living in a world in which every major sphere of life is dominated by men. (Not to hate on the men! Men are amazing too! Just saying what’s what.) It’s time for us women to step up and infuse this world of ours with some creativity, compassion, warmth, and insight!

What can I do to get in touch with that inner spark, that wisdom, inside of me?

It’s a different process for everyone! But there is one major thing that I’ve found to be empowering for myself and other women that I’ve worked with…

That thing is to love and accept yourself. Love your body. It’s important to feel at home with yourself physically! Your relationship with your body will inform everything that you do in life. If you are disconnected from your body, you will be disconnected from a great many other things as well. So LOVE YOUR BODY. Move with power and grace. Seriously, just doing that will enhance your life tremendously.

Also, please check out the videos and blog posts on this site. Part of the idea of My Feminine Wisdom is that by seeing other women share their light and passion, you will be inspired to find and share your own!

If I have wisdom to share, how should I contact you? 

We are currently setting up interviews with women from all over the world, and we’d love to hear from you! Please go to the Contact page and fill out the form. In the body of the message, write a paragraph explaining the wisdom you’d like to share and why you think it would be useful to the viewers/readers of My Feminine Wisdom.

If you’re a fit for the site, we will contact you! Regardless, if you’ve got wisdom to share, don’t hesitate; share it any way you can to anyone who will listen. Because that, right there, is true power, ladies!!!

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