Four Reasons Why You Should be Pumped about International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! This is a day to support, celebrate, and remember women and young girls all over the world. Things are changing so rapidly. As time goes by, we are met with more and more news of women pushing the envelope and accomplishing amazing things — assuming leadership positions, opening up their own […]

Rock your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions & Get the Body you Want ~ Interview With Michelle Betts

Michelle Betts is the epitome of talent, energy, and drive. Wisdom and charm flow effortlessly out of her. One can see, just by looking at Michelle, that she is wholeheartedly living her purpose and fulfilling her mission here on this planet. Her love of all things Health and Fitness makes itself known in everything she […]

Women, Get Ready for the Revolution ~ Interview with Reena Desai

When one has a conversation with Reena Desai, one cannot help but notice the beauty and wisdom that is pouring out of her. She is a woman who speaks with passion and purpose, who moves with grace and fluidity, who creates with power and love. With her wide and sparkling array of experience in Economics, […]

How the Feminine Enhances My Life

The film THE VIRGIN SUICIDES expresses something eternal and heart-shattering about how men regard the feminine. In it (spoiler alert, I suppose), a group of beautiful, blonde, virginal sisters off themselves for no discernible reason. Yes, their parents were strict and controlling, but their action is out of all proportion to any predicament in their […]

Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs ~ Interview with Jennifer Davis

As the founder and CEO of The Pink Foundation, Jennifer Davis is blazing down a bright, inspired path. With a mission to empower women and young girls via conversations, mentor programs, and a myriad of unique events, she is living her passion to the fullest. The foundation also educates and supports women entrepreneurs, helping them […]