My Feminine Wisdom was born to ignite a culture of fierce, empowered, and conscious women who want to share their gifts with the world.

Women possess a certain kind of wisdom. Wisdom that has the power to heal, transform, motivate, fuel, amaze, charm, and inspire — all in the space of a single moment.

There’s a certain energy that emerges when a woman is locked into her fullest expression. When all her words, thoughts, and actions are in a state of sweet alignment, there’s a magic that transpires. Call it Confidence. Call it Spirit. Call it Will. Call it Strength or Courage or Fire. Call it All Those Things.

Because Feminine Wisdom is made of the stuff that can transform this planet for the better. When a woman chooses to know herself and to be herself without any apologies, she is tapped into her deepest, most essential and galvanizing wisdom. And once that happens, she can use that wisdom to light the way for all her fellow sisters.

That’s why I started this site! Because I’m passionate about creating a forum in which Feminine Wisdom can be expressed. I think that the world needs it right now, more than ever. In my work as a meditation guide, writer, filmmaker, and actress, I am constantly striving to find ways to represent the Feminine in her most dynamic and invigorating form. I sincerely invite all of you women — and men too (we could always use the support of some amazing men!) — to join me!

Join me and light the way for one another, whether it be in the realm of health, dating, relationships, sex, career, entrepreneurship, leadership, science, motherhood, beauty, fashion, fitness, athleticism, cooking, spirituality, creativity, or activism.

Make yourself at home here. Watch videos and read posts about the female experience in all of its many colors.

A warm welcome to all you amazing women! It is an honor to share this journey with you!


Rhoda Jordan

Founder/Creator of My Feminine Wisdom

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