Believe and Be Healed ~ Interview with Deborah Lloyd

There’s something about Deborah Lloyd and her story that really fascinates me. Okay, actually, everything about her and her story fascinates me!

What can I say? I love hearing stories about people who overcome obstacles and shift their lives down a path that they never would have imagined themselves going down in a million years.

When Deborah was only three years old, she was diagnosed with polio. Although her young life was full of challenges that no child should have to face, Deborah later realized, in her adulthood, that the illness was actually a blessing. For it propelled her toward her current work as a holistic practitioner, an author, and a Reiki Master!

Please check out my interview with the amazing and inspiring Deborah Lloyd!

MFW: What excites you the most about your work as a holistic practitioner? 

DL: Every modality of holistic therapy that I use is based in energy – and that is the exciting part! Whether we are aware of it or not, energy levels affect every part of our being – mind, body and spirit. As we realize the impact of both positive and negative energies in our lives, and the things we can do to improve our energy levels, a whole new world opens up. I love learning new information about energy healing – it is endless – and sharing it with my clients.

During Reiki sessions, I often receive specific instructions for the client. Some recent examples from sessions include directions to spend more time in nature to find stability and groundedness, to wear the color blue to enhance  communication, and to spend more time in silence.

MFW: What was it like to experience polio as a young child? 

DL: My childhood was both difficult and blessed (I did not see the blessings of having polio until I experienced spiritual healing decades later). I did not like needing special accommodations, like the school bus driver taking me up our lane, or being carried out of school during fire drills by an older boy. That was embarrassing. I often felt sad that I could not run and play like other children. But I also saw some positives, even back then. I was a bright student and read many books. I was fortunate not to have pain (like some children did), except for the summer I had leg surgeries – that was very painful in the early 60’s. I give my parents so much credit for doing everything they could, to treat me like my brothers and sisters. For instance, I had chores like they did, and had the same rules. I spent hours contemplating the purpose of it all – really!

MFW: Please explain what Reiki is, and how it works exactly! 

DL: Reiki is a laying-on of hands energy healing modality. It is an ancient healing method that was rediscovered by Dr. Usui in Japan in 1922. After a person receives training and has an attunement to this method, the Universal Life Force energy comes through their hands. Reiki can be given to all living things, including persons (including yourself), animals, plants, and even the whole earth. Reiki energies can heal the mind, body and spirit aspects of a person. There are four levels of training; the final one is becoming a Reiki Master. A Reiki Master commits to Reiki as a way of life and s/he can also pass on the tradition to other people.

MFW: What does it feel like to experience a Reiki session?

DL: Wonderful! Usually, Reiki is calming and relaxing, and the practitioner’s hands are warm. The client simply lays on a massage table, generally with eyes closed, and stays fully clothed. Candle light and soft music also help one to relax. Most people seek out Reiki for a physical ailment, or pain. But often, a client receives so much more, experiencing the connections between their physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

MFW: Do you remember what your first experience of receiving a Reiki treatment was like? How did it contribute to your healing? 

DL: I will never forget my first Reiki session! I was experiencing major chronic fatigue, as a result of post-polio syndrome. I literally felt the fatigue leave my body during the session and have never felt that level of fatigue again. I use Reiki on myself a few times a day, every day. Fatigue is no longer a word in my daily life. So, that is how Reiki helped me physically. It also helped me to heal the emotional and spiritual aspects of myself. Reiki was the first step in dealing with old emotional wounds of having been a physically handicapped child. Reiki led me to use other alternative methods; methods that I would not have considered previously.

MFW: Please tell us about your book, Believe and it is True.: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons. What drove you to write it? 

DL: One of the other alternative healing modalities I accessed was shamanic intuitive healing. During my first session with this healing practitioner, I was directed to buy two journals – one to journal about each session, and the other to write the life lesson that I learned during the session and/or subsequent journaling. I was told during that first session that this information would eventually be a book. And that is exactly what happened.

This journaling was an important step in my own healing process, as I worked through my own issues. Because I am a voracious reader, the thought of writing a book was always in the back of my mind, but I never knew what I’d write about!  Now, I know part of my life purpose is to bring healing to others – through my Reiki work and sharing my story in this book.

MFW: What kinds of people do you think would be interested in your book? 

DL: This book has appeal to many kinds of people, I am finding. It appeals to those who are moving beyond traditional belief systems; and also those who are exploring other realities from those they grew up with or embraced for many years. It appeals to those who struggle with medical issues, giving them viable alternatives to western medicine.

By the way, I am not one who denigrates western medicine – I think it has its place and there are certainly situations where it is needed. For some people, it is an introduction to mind, body, spirit healing. It seems every person has some area in their lives where healing is needed – whether it is a childhood experience, a relationship hurt, a real or perceived physical deficiency – the list goes on. This book lists 33 life lessons that can be applied to anyone’s life.

MFW: Do you think that, more and more, our culture is embracing alternative forms of healing? If yes, why do you think that is?

DL: Certainly, more and more people are turning to alternative forms of healing. There is a broader understanding of what healing involves – it is more than simply taking a pill. True healing involves the mind, body and spirit of a person. People are grasping this concept more and more. There is certainly a greater questioning of beliefs and values that many of us took for granted for years. Now, many of us are open to exploring and embracing new ideas.

MFW: Please leave us with one of your favorite pieces of wisdom for anyone out there who is trying to heal in life, whether it’s emotionally, physically, spiritually or mentally. 

DL: To manifest a healing, a person must first believe a healing is truly possible! Until that belief is felt within the heart, a healing most likely will not happen. Believe and it is true!

Thank you so much for the awesome interview, Deborah!

Deborah’s Bio

Deborah Lloyd is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and certified holistic therapy practitioner. She also is a licensed clinical social worker, working with a hospice agency in Asheville, NC. She grew up on a farm in rural Indiana and was stricken with polio at the age of three. To relieve fatigue from post-polio syndrome, she learned Reiki. This complementary technique led her to explore other alternative modalities. Her personal journey, along with life lessons learned along the way, is detailed in her book, Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons

To learn more about Deborah, go to her website:

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