Four Reasons Why You Should be Pumped about International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

This is a day to support, celebrate, and remember women and young girls all over the world. Things are changing so rapidly. As time goes by, we are met with more and more news of women pushing the envelope and accomplishing amazing things — assuming leadership positions, opening up their own businesses, pushing back against injustices, and most importantly, serving as inspiring conduits for a more vibrant and more peaceful planet.

I cannot contain my excitement when I think of all that women have birthed in recent years. The ladies in my own life, day after day, tend to astound me with their strength, ingenuity, and capacity for love.

It’s easy to lose sight of women. To take for granted all that they are. This is partially because so many women are hard on themselves. They want to do so much, say so much, be so much. If a woman ever finds herself left with some extra time, instead of taking care of herself, she will almost always try to fill it by doing something helpful for her children, for her husband, mother, father, friends… The list goes on and on!

Way too often, women forget to tend to their own needs. They forget to take a dip in the pool of their own inner worlds. This leaves them, at times, feeling depleted, stagnant, and burned out.

It is only when us women finally take the time to nurture our own souls that we can bring more joy and light to the other people in our lives.

And if men can understand the above, if they can acknowledge and appreciate all the challenges that women have endured and overcome (and continue to endure and overcome), then harmony between the genders will finally have reached its most balanced form.

Below I have included FOUR reasons why you should be pumped about this very special day!

1. We have an opportunity to reflect on the past and see how far women have come. Yeah, yeah, yeah — I know that patriarchy has deep roots and that there is still work to be done. I’m not failing to recognize that! But seriously, I want to scream and throw a plate against the wall whenever I hear someone say, “It’s not enough! Women still need more!” Yes, I get that. But at the same time, I see a certain lack of gratitude when we keep looking at the gains and saying that they’re not good enough.

For example, right now, the U.S. senate is made up of 20% women — more than any time in history. And the Senate has been around for over 200 years! There were some people who jumped all over this news; saying that it wasn’t good enough, that we need 50%, not 20%. I find that living from this mindset, where everything is constantly lacking and never good enough, is incredibly limiting and unproductive. The more that we can appreciate the gains, the more we can invite more gains into the field of possibilities. Make sense? Looking at every gain as a loss just does not make sense to me. Let’s celebrate every victory, no matter how big or small. And of course, let’s still keep hoping and aspiring and taking action to bring about even more victories.

2. Another reason you should be pumped is that the UN has an awesome theme for Women’s Day this year. That theme is: “A promise is a promise. Time for action to end violence against women.” If the thought of ending violence against women isn’t an exhilarating proposition, I don’t know what else will do it for you. Honestly, we have had hundreds of years to try and get this right. Thousands, even. Let’s do it already. Violence against women is something that needs to stop. Now. I don’t think I need to explain any more than that.

3. Another reason why you should be pumped out of your mind: We get to spend all day celebrating women! And women are marvelous creatures, worthy of all forms of celebration. So say something to a woman — any woman — that will make her day! And I’m not just speaking to the men. I’m speaking to women too, of course. Women need to lift each other up, because too often we are tearing each other down. If we threw a little warmth and support to a woman, instead of casting judgment on her, then we’d be contributing to raising the vibration of this planet tremendously. And that is something that makes a huge impact — not only in that person’s life, but in the world!

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can even celebrate women by reading up on an amazing woman and getting inspired. Amazing Women Rock is a great website for that! Check it out:

There are also some different events happening around the world to celebrate women. Go to  to check out what’s going on in your area.

4. Last but not least, we should be pumped about today, because… Each and every single one of us becomes whole by celebrating women. When women celebrate other women, they are honoring and nurturing those parts of themselves that they think are not worthy enough. If a woman cannot see the beauty and brilliance in the women around her, how can she even pretend to see it in herself? Women must stand by their fellow sisters, because that is what’s going to make the difference to inspire real action in the world!

Also, when men celebrate women, they are nurturing the feminine side in their own selves. In many men, the feminine side is unacknowledged, repressed. Society has deemed this the culture of Mega Masculinity, and there are many men out there who are hesitant about veering away from what they believe is expected of them. And so they shut down a huge part of themselves. But by loving the women in their own lives, they are honoring the softer, peaceful, and nurturing energies inside of them. And just imagine a world full of men who are owning their connection to the feminine! That is a world that I would love to see!

And finally, when children learn to celebrate women, they see what is possible for them in the future. Young girls do not have to be afraid of growing into women, for they know that the world will be there to support them, to catch them should they ever step wrong. And young boys can grow up in a world where they understand that Woman is a joyful, creative, and nurturing treasure; an infinite resource of power and love. And he will grow into the kind of man who honors and protects that power and love every day of his life.

So there you have it. Four reasons why YOU should be pumped about the meaning of this day.

And even after today is over, let’s live in such a deep, meaningful, and soul-inspired way that we celebrate whenever we come in contact with any fellow man, woman, or child on this planet. Honoring all of humanity is the true key, for after all, all of humanity springs from Woman. By living in this way, we will be honoring every woman and young girl who has ever walked this Earth, who has ever been violated, who has ever been killed needlessly, and who has ever known what it was like to lose her spark in a world that never helped her to believe she had one to begin with.

I celebrate every Woman today, and every day.

And I invite you all to join me.

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