Think Healthy Thoughts ~ Interview with Lee Betchley

Lee Betchley

Lee Betchley is a powerhouse of a woman. In her work as a hypnotherapist, lecturer, author, and public speaker, she is helping to create lasting transformation in the lives of numerous people all over the world. It was incredibly refreshing to speak to Lee and bear witness to the amount of breadth and depth radiating from her every insight.

In our conversation together, Lee shared a lot of valuable wisdom about the power of our thoughts, and how to use them to achieve the health we want for ourselves. She also gave some tips on how to think your way to your ideal body! Lee is endlessly amazing, and I’m so thrilled I had an opportunity to have this discussion with her.

Click on the image below to watch my interview with Lee!

Lee Betchley Photo

Or, if you’d rather read the Instant Notes version of her tips, read them right here…

INSTANT NOTES on How to Think yourself Healthy

1. Change the image of yourself. We think we’re tied to the past. There’s no law — except for the one in our heads — that says we have to adhere to the past. At any moment, you can decide to change it. If you have an image of yourself as being unhealthy or heavy, that will keep you from moving forward and achieving your health goals! Alter the image of who you are, and know that you are capable of achieving all that you seek.

2. Become more consciously aware of the choices you’re making. Start keeping a record. You can write down all the daily choices you make that pertain to your health and fitness. And be sure to look back at the record and check in on your day-to-day progress. Any time you become consciously aware of your choices, you are going to start (hopefully) making better choices for the future!

Another way to be more conscious is to eat with the hand that is not dominant. If you’re a righty, eat with your left hand. If you’re a lefty, eat with your right hand. This will actually help you slow down with your eating. It’s very good for the brain as well. As children, so many neurons are lighting up, because we’re learning so much all the time. We can get those neurons lighting up again by breaking up our old patterns and engaging with the new. This will help us to forge ahead with our health goals.

3. Get rid of any food that you know you are going to overdo it with. Also, before you eat something, ask yourself how you are going to feel if you eat it or don’t eat it. If you know a certain type of food is going to make you overindulge and feel sick the next day, then walk away from it! And if you know a certain food is going to make you feel great, that might be a sign that you should be eating it!

4. Focus on what you want. And make the decisions that get  you moving in that direction.  The important thing is not to think in the long term. That will only make you overwhelmed. Take it one day at a time, and you will eventually get there!

Lee’s Bio

Lee Betchley is a public speaker, lecturer, conducts workshops in personal growth and development, provides private sessions and has been a staff instructor at the only nationally accredited college of hypnotherapy. She has been featured on KCAL 9 news and on the KZLA Morning Show with Peter Tilden. Her articles have been published in a variety of local papers and national forums. She is considered the authority on working with “weight loss” clients by hypnotherapists, psychologists, and others in the San Fernando Valley. She also serves as a mentor to future hypnotherapists. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from California State University in Los Angeles, and was on the Dean’s List.

Her desire to further her skills as a practitioner to offer the highest quality service to her clients has led her to achieve the level of Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming. She is also a certified TimeLine™ Therapist. These tools are becoming the choice to make effective, long term change in personal development.

Her interest in the ancient path has taken her to Hawai’i to learn the healing and spiritual shamanism of the ancient Kahunas. On the Big Island she also studied Lucid Dreaming with Dr. Stephen LaBerge Ph.D., the world-renowned expert on Lucid Dreaming. She has had extensive experience with lucid dreaming and have found hers to be life altering experiences. In addition, Lee has traveled to the Amazon jungle to study with Dr. Luis Eduardo Luna, Ph.D., the current director of the Research Center for the study of Visionary Arts and Consciousness in Florianopolis, Brazil. And while in Brazil, she had the pleasure of being introduced to Holotropic Breathwork with Ivania Hassler,the expert in this new method. Lee continues to rise to the challenge of excellence by fully embracing transformation.

She also serves as the “on call hypnotherapist” for the California Psychological Enrichment Service, INC in North Hollywood, California, assisted training’s for NLP Transworld and has been a guest speaker for college extended education credits. She has combined all her formal trainings in Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Lucid Dreaming, Dreams, Handwriting Analysis etc. to assist people in producing new and more effective ways to improve their lives.

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