Rock your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions & Get the Body you Want ~ Interview With Michelle Betts


Michelle Betts is the epitome of talent, energy, and drive. Wisdom and charm flow effortlessly out of her. One can see, just by looking at Michelle, that she is wholeheartedly living her purpose and fulfilling her mission here on this planet. Her love of all things Health and Fitness makes itself known in everything she does. In her work as an actress, a reality TV star, and a certified personal trainer, she has already accomplished a great deal. And she’s just getting warmed up!

In our conversation together, Michelle shared some insanely valuable tips to help you ROCK YOUR HEALTHY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS & GET THE BODY YOU WANT!

If you’re looking to live a healthier life, lose some unwanted pounds, feel better about your body, eat clean food that makes you feel good, stay motivated during your workouts, or all of the above, this is the interview to watch. Everything Michelle says is highly valuable. Not only that, but all of her tips are so easy to start implementing into your life RIGHT NOW.

Check out the interview here:

michelle betts pic


Michelle Betts’ road to Tinseltown began in Tracy, Calif., where she grew up with her mom, Lynnette and dad, Michael and older sister Renee. Betts spent her entire childhood in the small town of Tracy, gaining hometown fame as Tracy High School’s Homecoming and Prom Queen and eventually became third runner up in the California State Beauty Pageant, edging out over 1,200 other women.
After completing her B.A. in Communication Design from California State University Chico, Betts decided to try her luck in Hollywood so she packed up her Mazda Miata and headed to Los Angeles, not knowing anyone and having little knowledge of the entertainment industry. Gorgeous and outgoing, she soon found a job as a cocktail waitress/bartender in a local nightclub. In what downtime she had, Michelle studied with legendary acting coach, Ivana Chubbuck, who pushed her to excel in her scene work and helped launch her into the world of acting.
Betts began to make her way into the business with appearances in various print ads, infomercials, and even landed a national McDonald’s campaign. During her first year in Los Angeles, Betts was handpicked by director McG to be Demi Moore’s body double in the film CHARLIE’S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE.  Shortly thereafter, Michelle starred opposite actor Stacy Keach in the Showtime sci-fi thriller, GALAXY HUNTER.  Betts recently shot a campaign for Sonicare and can be seen in the sexy comedic web series PARTY GIRL PLUS ONE (
Betts also starred in the fourth season of the hit VH1 reality dating show “Tough Love: Miami,” which premiered on Sunday, October 2, 2011.
She is extremely passionate about health and fitness and writes a fitness blog daily: to help educate, excite, and motivate people of all shapes and sizes to love their bodies.   Michelle is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (N.A.S.M.) and currently trains clients in Los Angeles.

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