Connect with your True Voice and Speak with Dynamic Presence, Power, & Precision ~ Interview with Dielle Ciesco

Dielle Ciesco is an electrifying embodiment of insight, heart, and irrepressible authenticity. There is no denying the spark that this woman carries within her. At her core, she is an artist — one who dares to live and create from the deep, vibratory places that many of us often shy away from. She is a […]

Rock your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions & Get the Body you Want ~ Interview With Michelle Betts

Michelle Betts is the epitome of talent, energy, and drive. Wisdom and charm flow effortlessly out of her. One can see, just by looking at Michelle, that she is wholeheartedly living her purpose and fulfilling her mission here on this planet. Her love of all things Health and Fitness makes itself known in everything she […]

Epiphany: The Price of Farming Meat

Sofia Pineda Ochoa, MD Note: This communication is not medical or scientific advice. This is my personal opinion, which is based on the information sourced and cited below- sources that I considered to be likely presenting reliable facts or data. Reusable water bottles. Cloth grocery bags. CFL bulbs. These are some of the ways folks […]