Women, Get Ready for the Revolution ~ Interview with Reena Desai

When one has a conversation with Reena Desai, one cannot help but notice the beauty and wisdom that is pouring out of her. She is a woman who speaks with passion and purpose, who moves with grace and fluidity, who creates with power and love.

With her wide and sparkling array of experience in Economics, Politics, Social Movement Organizing, the Sacred Feminine Arts, and Ancient Tantric Teachings, Reena is quite a galvanizing presence. And she uses that presence (quite beautifully) to inspire, support, and guide women toward transforming their highest missions into movements for global change.

In our conversation together, we discuss the revolution that is occurring with women everywhere, as well as the ways in which personal and social transformation are deeply connected. Reena even gives a few tips on how women can start to get in touch with that innate power and energy inside of them!

Something extremely exciting is happening with women right now, and I am so thrilled that I had the opportunity to discuss it with my dear soul sister Reena!

Watch our conversation together here:

Reena Desai on 2012-12-07 at 11.05

Reena’s Bio

Reena is a spiritual mentor, coach and visionary change agent. She works at the intersection of personal and social transformation by growing the feminine voice as a force for love and peace in the world. 

Reena combines feminine spirituality and embodiment practices together with social movement building strategy to guide women in a deep process of connection to their soul’s mission and movement. She is a dancer and poet and holds an MSc in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics. 

To learn more about Reena and her work, go to her website:


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