Boost your Energy, Vitality, and Confidence with Victoria Vives Khuong

I mean it when I say that Victoria Vives Khuong is a multi-talented force of nature. She is a healer to the extreme; a dynamic and powerful woman to whom nothing is impossible. With the many colors and layers of her work, she creates art, inspires healing, and ignites joy in all that she does.

In our conversation together, we discussed her work, and she also shared some tips on How to Boost your Energy, Vitality, and Confidence!

Here is our interview together:

And if you’d like to read the Instant Notes below to learn about her tips, here they are…

Instant Notes on How to Boost your Energy, Vitality, & Confidence 

1. Follow your passion — and do it with integrity! Even if you feel fear, take that risk. Meditation can support you with all this. It can help you to develop trust with the universe and guide you toward understanding that everything is part of a greater plan.

2. Surround yourself with people who have Energy, Vitality, and Confidence. That way, you will naturally start modeling their behavior! This will inspire you to keep moving forward in life!

3. Choose your media very carefully. Everything you consume is going to influence how you feel in life. Don’t consume negative and fear-based media. You will notice that you feel much more energy as a result!

4. Choose your words wisely. Your words have a tremendous impact on you and the way you feel! So be sure to use the right words to best represent who you are. This will put you in line with your energetic, vital, and confident self!

Victoria’s Bio

Victoria Vives Khuong is a Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master, also certified in many other styles of healing.

She was born in Madrid (Spain), where she started her healing practice in 2000, at a Metaphysics Healing charitative group.

Her spontaneous Kundalini awakening in 1998 brought her to her spiritual path that includes Healing Arts, Martial Arts, and Channeling (of voice, movement and messages).

Now residing in Los Angeles, Victoria continues to expand her skills, learning new healing methods and techniques from cultures around the world while also sharing her knowledge through seminars, videos, books, and workshops.

Victoria is a Healing Arts and Spiritual teacher filled with vitality, love and positive energy.  Her extensive background in the entertainment arts and her thirst for living life fully, learning from all perspectives of life, create a powerfully transformational, well-rounded, and fun healing experience in her events, classes, and media.

Victoria assists individuals to enhance all levels of beingness, from physical to spiritual!  She is also the Author of the popular audio series “The 5 Superhero Secrets”.

To learn more about Victoria’s Reiki program, go here:

And to purchase Victoria’s amazing Superhero Meditation, go here:


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