Five Ways a Woman Can Embrace her Awesome Feminine Power

There is nothing more exciting than a woman who is deeply rooted in her Feminine nature.

She is the kind of woman who oozes strength, joy, courage, and magnetism. The kind of woman who loves herself fully; who has no regrets and makes no excuses. Who dives into each moment with an open heart, even when those around her don’t consider it the fashionable thing to do.

It takes a brave spirit to open your door to the Feminine. This is no easy task to undertake. No smooth road to travel.

For one, you have to untangle yourself from the old story of our culture. You have to understand that the competitive, ego-based, profit-driven nature of our times is not something that will sustain the essence of who you are. This overly masculine path is ill-equipped to nourish the heart and soul — those places that a woman has a strong and natural connection to.

When a woman allows herself to plunge into the depths of her expression, her bliss, and her power, she becomes unstoppable. It just takes a little bit of acceptance and fearlessness to get there!

All of us — men and women — waste far too much time looking outside of ourselves to feel happy, secure, and loved. It’s time to start a movement around looking inward for the joy that is always there and won’t slip with any turn of the tide.

Sometimes it really seems like this whole business of being a woman is a ton of hard work! Society is always trying to define us; to present a narrow view of who we are and what we can do. Know that all of this is noise, and not grounded in any kind of essential truth. Let the language of your heart, body, and soul dictate who you are and where you’ll go in the beautiful life that you’ve been blessed with!

Below, I’ve included Five Fabulous and Fun ways in which you can explore and get acquainted with your Feminine side!

1. MOVEMENT. Expressing yourself through your body can be extremely powerful and healing! It’s also very healthy and fun. It’s so easy to live in the space of our minds, and forget to tend to our own physical beings. The truth is that the body contains a wisdom that goes beyond thoughts and words. The more we connect to our bodies by way of movement, the more intimately we will know ourselves — the more comfortable and at home we will feel in our own skin. So get moving, whether it’s through dance, yoga, chi gong, martial arts, etc. You will feel liberated, energized, and immensely empowered.

2. LET YOUR BELLY HANG OUT. It may sound simple, but doing this can be extremely powerful. As women, we are subject to a flood of dialogue about what our bodies should look like. It’s no wonder that a lot of us walk around holding our bellies in. When we do this, we are cutting ourselves off from our energy source. The second chakra is located two inches below the navel. By straining the muscles in that area, we cut off our connection to that second chakra, which is where our sexuality and emotions are located. I don’t know about you, but to me, sexuality and emotions seem like pretty important pieces of the puzzle! Women who are healthy in the areas of sexuality and emotions possess a very special kind of strength. So don’t let that area of your life decline. And if that’s not enough to convince you, just let your belly hang out for the sake of loving yourself, and being proud of your own beautiful body!

3. GET CREATIVE. The force of the Feminine thrives on creativity. When we are exercising those creative muscles, we are adding to the dynamic range of our Feminine expression! The seeds of creativity are buried within all of us. At times, there may be periods when we feel as if the well is dry, and we have no energy to create. But those are the times when we need to embrace our creativity the most! Creativity begets creativity. Keep pursuing it, and you will be endlessly inspired. Whether it’s through writing, singing, decorating, scrapbooking, playing an instrument, painting, gardening, or what have you, let your creative light shine daily.

4. GET SUPPORT FROM YOUR SISTER TRIBE. Embrace the women in your life. Support, nurture, listen, and learn from one another! The only thing more amazing than a fierce woman who is rocking her Feminine is a TRIBE of fierce women rocking their Feminine. When women are available to one another — when they put aside all inclinations toward competition or judgment — inspiring things can happen! So keep your ladies close. Sisterhood is what it’s all about.

5. KNOW YOUR WORTH. A woman who knows her worth is not someone I’d ever want to mess with. Seriously. But it can be tough; worth can be elusive! We may know our own worth intellectually, but sometimes we might just feel as if that worth is nonexistent elsewhere. I say: Don’t let other people or events dictate your feelings of worthiness. It is nobody’s job to see your worth but your own. Don’t allow others to convince you otherwise. Don’t allow the past events in your life to keep you from moving forward. YOU only get to happen once in this world, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to live the amazing life that you deserve. Trust in your path, your purpose, and your power. You are here because the world needs you to be here. Know your worth, and strut it every chance you get!

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