Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs ~ Interview with Jennifer Davis

As the founder and CEO of The Pink Foundation, Jennifer Davis is blazing down a bright, inspired path. With a mission to empower women and young girls via conversations, mentor programs, and a myriad of unique events, she is living her passion to the fullest. The foundation also educates and supports women entrepreneurs, helping them to navigate the often tricky terrain of launching successful businesses.

Jennifer and I had a great conversation about Pink! And she also shared some wisdom for any women entrepreneurs out there! Here’s our interview:


The interview is just over half an hour long, but if you’d rather read the Instant Notes for a summary of Jennifer’s tips, here they are:

INSTANT NOTES for Women Entrepreneurs

1. If you need guidance in discovering your passion and/or determining what kind of business you want to launch, get help from a life coach. A life coach will be able to support, guide, and nurture you in very valuable ways. They can provide you with a strong direction and focus to aid you in the pursuit of your goals.

2. Build the right team of people to help you with your business by reaching out to that ONE person that stands out to you. We all know at least one person who we see as having it all together in business and other areas. Don’t be afraid to ask that person to point you in the right direction and lead you to people who might be able to help manifest your vision!

3. Use Social Media to attract people to your brand. It may be slow in the beginning, but build connections on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other places. Form alliances with different companies and help each other get the word out about events, news, etc.!

4. Accept that the word “NO” is okay. Nobody likes to hear that word. But we have to accept and understand that it’s a part of the process in getting anything started and asking for help…especially when what we might be asking for is money! Be determined and keep pushing forward.

5. Treat your business like a Fortune 500 company. When you’re selling your business, you’re selling you. Have everything in line. Make sure that your package–media kit, photos, business plan, logo, website–is together and that it fully represents who you are!

Throughout my life I have always sought out the warmth and security of having sisters. When it came to my role in friendships I was loyal until the end no matter what and was happy to be the encourager of others dreams and the worker to help get the job done. Unfortunately I have struggled over the years to find women who embraced me the same way I embraced them, I have encountered all of the stereotypes women have in the world such as backstabbing, fake friendships and no loyalty or trust within the friendship. Tired and fed up with the way I was being treated and with the complaints I heard from others I decided to take a stand and make a difference. I combined my desire for a sisterhood with my need for change and my background experience in event planning and created The Persistent Investigation for Never-Ending Knowledge (P.I.N.K.) Foundation.

The P.I.N.K Foundation is a company designed to create sisterhood everywhere women exist and for the empowerment of women. I created this company as a different approach to help women overcome trials and tribulations and to reach their full potential. I’ve always carried with me the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” For me P.I.N.K. is my way of creating the village. This village will do more for women than help them raise their children; it will give them the support, love, understanding and tools to be encouraged, uplifted and inspired to fulfill their greatest potential. I have decided that I will see my dream of true sisterhood reached and it will be through The P.I.N.K. Foundation. Join me and my #pinksisters! 

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